10 Top Ways To Have More Humidity Without a Humidifier

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increase home humidity

Do you ever find the air in your home is too dry? Humidity is very important for your health especially if you have respiratory problems. Its even been noted that dry air in the home can make you more susceptible to catching the flu or a bad cold. So its important to know what humidity level is helpful in your home.

Humidity levels should be around 30 or 40% in your home during the winter season, and upwards of 50% during the summer time. If you have hardwood floors they will also benefit from having a consistent humidity level throughout the year, since boards can swell and constrict as the humidity changes.

But you arent stuck with having to purchase a humidifier because weve collected some great alternative methods to increase the humidity in your home without one. Check out these tips on how to increase the humidity in your home they are easy and anyone can do them.

1. Open the dishwasher after last rinse and allow dishes to air dry:


2. Dry your clothes inside on a drying rack:

Housework concept. Closeup clothes hanging to dry on a laundry line with colorful pegs clips indoor

3. Houseplants bring humidity to the air:


4. Allow water to cool from bath or sink to release humidity into the air:


5. Keep the door open while you shower:


6. Do more cooking on top of the stove:


7. Heat hot water in a teapot to release humidity:

Tea kettle with boiling water; steam against a black background.

8. Vent your dryer inside the home:


9. Place a bowl of water on your heat registers:


10. You can also place a glass of water at your windowsill: