25+ Insanely Creative Ways To Decorate A Cake That Are Easy AF

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Have a very happy birthday (or happy ANY-day, tbh).

01. Use Trix cereal to make brightly colored polkadots.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-01Source

Recipe: Funfetti Buttermilk Birthday Cake at A Beautiful Mess

02. Make stripes with edible glitter for a cake that sparkles.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-02Erin Holland for Asubtlerevelry

Tutorial: Glitter Cake at A Subtle Revelry

03. Unwrap some Dum Dum Pops and stick them straight into the cake.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-03Source

Decorations that won’t budge if you have to bring a cake on the road.

Tutorial: Four Easy Cake Decorating Ideas by Melanie Blodgett (You Are My Fave) at Julep

04. Create a “watercolored” cake using gel food coloring and a paintbrush.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-04Source

Be sure to use a clean, “food-only” paintbrush.

Recipe: DIY Abstract Watercolor Painted Cake at Sugar & Cloth

05. Cut some rainbow Twizzlers into pieces and use them to make an edible garden.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-05Source

Tutorial: Twizzler Flower Toppers For The Perfect Spring Cake at Handmade Charlotte

06. Or make a row of blossoming cookies.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-06Source

Blooms you’ll want to snack on.


Tutorial: Simple Cookie Flowers at Super Make It

07. Or use *actual* flowers (the edible kind).

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-07Source

Tutorial: Cake With Edible Flowers at Design Love Fest

08. Pull a Jackson Pollock and splatter-paint the top of a cake with frosting.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-08Source

MoMA will be calling you any minute.

Recipe: Chocolate Chili Splatter Paint Cake at My Name is Yeh

09. Head to the farmer’s market to get the decorating ingredients for this fruity cake.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-09Source

Just be sure to spread a thick enough layer of frosting to keep the heavier berries affixed.

Recipe: Berry Covered Birthday Cake at The Kitchen McCabe

10. Make some buttercream frosting in a variety of colors and use a decorating tip to completely cover a cake with stars.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-10Source

This is easy…; but time consuming: set up a laptop out of the mess zone and watch Netflix while you work.

Tutorial: Easy Star Tip Cake Decorating Idea at The Cookie Writer

11. Can’t get enough gummy bears? Cover an entire cake with them!

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-11Source

Bears on bears on bears.

Recipe: Gummy Bear Layer Cake at Raspberri Cupcakes

12. Prepare a cake that combines breakfast with dessert and use Fruity Pebbles as a topping.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-12Source

Fred Flinstone would *love* to have a slice of this.

Recipe: Fruity Pebbles Funfetti Cake at Butterlust

13. Or lucky charms.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-13Source

Tutorial: Lucky Charmed Cake at Alana Jones Mann

14. Or Fruit Loops.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-14Source

Recipe: Fruit Loop Cereal Milk Layer Cake at Sweetest Menu

15. “Embroider” a cake with sprinkles.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-15Source

Such delicious “stitching”.

Tutorial: Embroidery With Sprinkles at Clockwork Lemon

16. Use M&M’s to top your cake with a pattern.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-16Source

These are actually Rice Krispies treats, but this technique would work equally well on a cake.

Recipe: Chevron Chocolate Overload Krispie Treats at In Katrina’s Kitchen

17. Create number-shaped, confetti-covered marshmallow toppers.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-17Source

A special treat for the birthday boy or girl — everyone else will be jealous they don’t get one.

Tutorial: Confetti Marshmallow Numbers at Studio DIY

18. Or use a stencil to make a number using powdered sugar.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-18Source


Learn more at Love & Olive Oil and get some number stencils here.

19. Put those fruit snacks in your cupboard to good use and turn Fruit Roll-Ups into bunting and Fruit By The Foot into bows.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-19Source

Gushers look pretty darn great sitting atop some frosting.

Tutorial: 5 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas With Fruit Snacks at Sprinkle Bakes.

20. Surprise a wannabe astronaut with a cake that looks like the moon.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-20Source

3, 2, 1 — FORK LIFTOFF!

Recipe: Chocolate Moon Cake at The Kitchn

21. Use cookie cutters to decorate neatly with sprinkles.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-21Source

Tutorial: Cookie Cutter Shape Decorating Ideas at 17apart

22. Make your own chocolate cake toppers using melted chocolate.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-22Source

These trees are lovely, but you could also write out names or numbers.

Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake at Chocolate & Carrots

23. It may look fancy, but you only need some ziploc bags and a spoon to decorate this gorgeous petal cake.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-23Kate Wagner for The Cake Blog

You can do it!

…;and then you can eat it.

Recipe: Rainbow Petal Cake by Kate Wagner for The Cake Blog

24. Coat a cake with sprinkles.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-24Source

For people who can *never* get enough of ‘em.

Recipe: Sprinkle Cake at Endlessly Inspired

25. Easily create a gorgeous ombre cake using edible decorating paper and food dye.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-25Source

Sugar sheet is so cool.

Tutorial: DIY Ombre Mosaic Cake at Proper

26. Top a cake with delicious “dirt.”

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-26Source

“Dirt” = cookie crumbs and chocolate rocks. Scrumptious!

Recipe: Dirt Cake at In Katrina’s Kitchen

27. Forgo edible decorations and make some miniature bunting.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-27Source

This is a free printable and you can get it at Yellow Bliss Road.

28. Or birds.

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-28Source

Perfect for a woodland themed party. Tweet tweet!

Recipe: Twig & Tweet Layered Color Cake at The Sweet Escape

AD-Insanely-Creative-Ways-To-Decorate-A Cake-29

Time for cake!

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