25 Super Cool Gadgets You Should Have Before You Die

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There are many gadgets available in the market today. Some of these novelties are expensive and out of the reach of most people. But these gadgets are actually available in the market now and at a reasonable price. Check out the list below for great gift ideas or choose something for yourself.

1. Zipmark Bookmark Book Page

cool_gadgets-25Available in red, blue and green colors, this unique bookmark is designed by Peleg Design and is sure to help you keep track of your reading. You can get one here

2. Two Person Umbrella

cool_gadgets-24If your looking for a great gift idea for your significant this umbrella is a great option. With the two person umbrella your strolls won’t be disrupted by the rain. You can get one here

3. Logitech K810 Illuminated Keyboard

cool_gadgets-23This elegant keyboard can be connected to various devices via Bluetooth. You can type an email on you PC, take notes on your iPad or reply to a text on your Android smartphone, all with one device that has backlit characters so you can even type in the dark. You can get onehere

4. Tree Branch Headphone Splitter

cool_gadgets-22This simple device lets you share your music with friends. The compact size makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag and the splitter fits into any standard stereo-mini jack. You can get one here

5. Pivot Power Mini

cool_gadgets-21With this compact and easy to carry device, you can turn one socket into four outlets. The collapsible design features two grounded outlets and two USB ports. You can get one here

6. mStand For MacBook

cool_gadgets-20This stand is made of a single piece of aluminium which makes it sturdy yet lightweight. The mStand turns your MacBook into a desktop and also acts as a heat sink to keep it from overheating. You can get one here

7. Star Wars Cufflinks

cool_gadgets-19These officially licensed Star Wars cuff links are the perfect accessory to captivate the room’s attention and show your support for the Dark Side without having to wear any bulky armor. You can get one here

8. Zaryadkus USB Wall Outlet

cool_gadgets-18This wall outlet has four USB outlets and can easily be connected to any electrical network at home or in your office. You can charge all of your gadgets with this simple device and it even comes with an attachable tray so you don’t have to worry about finding a table.

9. Ice Age MacBook Decal

cool_gadgets-17Personalize your MacBook with this stylish decal. The decal features unique air escape technology that prevents any bubbles from forming once the decal is applied, giving a neat and smooth finish. You can get one here

10. Hinoki Memo Cube

cool_gadgets-16This faux wood grain cube is designed by Kenjiro Sano of Mr_Design, Inc., Japan. Each note is printed with an identical wood grain pattern that makes an entire stack look like a finely hewn block of wood. You can get one here

11. Glif Plus

cool_gadgets-15This accessory for the iPhone 4 and 4S, allows you to mount your iPhone onto a tripod and prop it up at various angles. This small, simple and elegant stand is a great gadget for the Instagram enthusiasts. You can get one here


12. Gun Mug By ChilliChilly

cool_gadgets-14This cup of coffee will let you kill time with its trigger-shaped handle. If you want a coffee mug that stands out from the rest, this cup, designed by ChilliChilly, is a great item. You can get one here

13. Crossbones Decals

cool_gadgets-13This pirate-inspired decal is a great way to give your device that personal touch. The high quality, technology safe vinyl is easy to apply and take off. You can get one here

14. Dzmitry Samal 6dpi Handmade Glasses

cool_gadgets-12This is the priciest item on the list but it definitely makes you stand out in a crowd while also making a fashion statement. The design is inspired by the late 1980’s computerized graphics and video games such as Tetris. You can get one here

15. Cable Fondler

cool_gadgets-11An easy and effective way to manage your cables. This can handle four 7 mm cables and one 10 mm dia. cable. This device makes sure that you always have access to the cables you need without having to search through a jungle on the floor. Easy to assemble.

16. Romo Robot For Smartphone

cool_gadgets-10This personal robot is affordable and uses your iDevice as its brain. This new robot from Romotive is smarter, faster and easier to use than its predecessor. You can get one here


17. Heart Shaped Egg Pan

cool_gadgets-9A great helper for frying eggs or mini pancakes for a special occasion. This stainless steel pan will help you make the perfect breakfast for the perfect occasion. You can get one here

18. Whooz Vinyl Identification Labels

cool_gadgets-8These labels will make it easy for you to match the correct cable to the device you want to charge. Whether it’s an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad, make sure you don’t lose another cord.

19. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

cool_gadgets-7The legendary keys that will save your PC from the worst of situations are now portrayed as cups. Show off the computer geek in you with this unique set. You can get one here

20. AppleCore Cable Organizer, 7-Pack

cool_gadgets-6The AppleCore lets you organize all the wires on your desktop and keep them safe from tangling. The 7-pack of AppleCores comes with 3 large Cores for appliance cables, 3 medium Cores for desktop cables and 1 mini Core for your earbuds. You can get one here

21. Santa Hat Dust Plug

cool_gadgets-5This dust plug will not only keep the dust out of your phone’s audio jack but also give it a unique look that you can change to match the season or holidays. You can get one here

22. Kikkerland Skull Stein

cool_gadgets-4This 3D skull beer mug is great for Halloween parties, decoration or everyday use. The cup holds 16-ounces and is sure to match your dark and eerie style. You can get one here

23. Iron Man Decal For Macbook

cool_gadgets-3For all you comic book fans, this decal is the perfect way to show your support for the Avengers. The amazing decal has new air escape technology that gives a smooth and neat finish without any bubbles. You can get one here

24. The White Clock

cool_gadgets-2This 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock, tells only the time and nothing else. It features an alarm and a light sensor that changes the intensity of the display depending on the surrounding light. You can get one here

25. Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

cool_gadgets-1This device connects to your gadgets via Bluetooth and projects a laser-generated keyboard on any flat, opaque surface, giving you an instant keyboard for your tablet or phone. You can get one here

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