3 Cool Activities For This Summer

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Elle, from Whats Up Moms, has the coolest ideas (hehe) for how to beat the sweltering summer heat during those hot summer months. They are fun, affordable, and probably something you havent tried before. New is always good when trying to beat the summertime blues.

My favorite is excavating ice blocks (maybe you will inspire your kiddos to become paleontologists). You could also try freezing the toys in muffin tins for quicker gratification. Lol. This is education and fun. Another way to dissolve this would be in the kiddy pool while everyone is slashing around.

Paint popsicles are awesome because they would cut down on messes! The ice boats wouldnt work for me because my yard doesnt have enough of a slope. Drats! Which of these are you going to try first? Check out Mashables roundup of summer fun DIYs for grownups. Only one involves ice (unless you count the coolers) but all are awesome! Be sure to make this the best summer ever, for you and your kids.

Heres the video… Enjoy!