31 Unique Headboards You Can Make At Home

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Do you enjoy do-it-yourself projects and redecorating your home? Weve collected several types of headboards you can make at home that range from formal, rustic and playful. Your headboard could be a strong design statement in your bedroom. If you want to carry a formal theme you can opt for a tall padded or tufted headboard. Or if you want a more whimsical theme, you can try some ideas here such as the string art headboard or painted floral headboard.

Whatever your style may be we are sure you will find some choices here that are appealing, and easy to do at home!

1. Headboard made from pallets:

pallets headboard

2. Pool noodle headboard:

pool noodle headboard

3. Classy buttoned down headboard:

buttoned down headboard

4. A door turned into a fashionable headboard:

door made into headboard

5. Vintage tufted headboard:

diamond tufted headboard

6. Night light headboard:

night light headboard

7. Tall rustic headboard:

tall rustic headboard

8. Chevron wooden headboard:

chevron wooden headboard

9. A multi-colored chevron wooden headboard:

chevron wooden headboard

10. Starry window headboard:

starry window headboard

11. Artistic antique window headboard:

antique window headboard

12. Elegant ruffled headboard:

ruffled headboard

13. Mantel headboard:

mantel headboard

14. String art headboard:

rope string art headboard

15. Bookshelf storage headboard:

bookshelf storage headboard

16. Double padded headboard:

double padded headboard

17. Floating headboard with back light:

floating back light headboard

18. Pegboard headboard:

pegboard headboard

19. Formal upholstered headboard:

upholstered headboard

20. Foam tiled headboard:

faux tiled headboard

21. Canopy headboard:

canopy headboard

22. Old shutter headboard:

old shutter headboard

23. Lattice look headboard:

lattice look headboard

24. Tufted and framed headboard:

tufted framed headboard

25. Quilted headboard:

quilted fabric headboard

26. Floral painted headboard:

painted floral headboard

27. Old barn wood headboard:

salvaged barnwood headboard

28. Tufted headboard:

tufted headboard

29. Easy rustic headboard:

easy rustic headboard

30. Shower curtain headboard:

shower curtain headboard

31. Scalloped rustic wood headboard:

rustic wooden headboard