35+ Totally Easy DIY Projects To Try In 2016

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Perfect for absolute beginners and pros alike.

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-00Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

01. Marble Photo Coasters

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-01Laglov / Via

A cool technique to transfer photos and images to marble coasters.

02. Teacup Succulents

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-02Hipaholic / Via

Vintage teacups make great little planters for succulents and small flowers.

03. Raw Stone Pendant

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-03Francesca Stone / Via

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make a beautiful, eye-catching pendant.

04. Sashiko Table Decor

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-04Saké Puppets / Via

Learn how to do cool Japanese Sashiko stitching and make a beautiful place mat and coaster set in the process!

05. Alphabet Earrings

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-05Carly Cais / Via

Your own personalized set of gilded earrings at a fraction of the price.

06. Laptop “Cover”

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-06DesiLoop / Via

Leftover sticky-back wallpaper makes for an easy, fresh take on the laptop cover.

07. Thread and Pearl Bangles

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-07Kollabora / Via

Arm loads of colorful new bangles are just a few thread wraps away.

08. Brushstroke Napkins

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-08Sarah / Via

Easily add a pop of color to your next dinner party.

09. Faux Fur Blanket

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-09Erin//Sewbon / Via

It’s quicker than you think to sew up a cozy faux fur blanket (or two) this winter.

10. Fern Leaves

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-10Lia Griffith / Via

Pretty paper fern leaves make a great (and quick!) addition to your home decor.

11. Sleep Mask

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-11Charlotte / Via

An easy way to get some seriously chic zzzzz’s.

12. Paper Clip Earrings

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-12Ama Ryllis / Via

Turn those old office supplies into fun new accessories. Just wait to make them until you’re off the clock.

13. Easy Art

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-13Mark Montano / Via

You don’t have to be Jackson Pollock to make your own cool, abstract artwork!

14. Wishbone Place Card Holders

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-14Sarah / Via

Chic up a dinner get together with a set of gold-dipped place card holders.

15. Metal Washer Jewelry

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-15Lia Griffith / Via

Skip the jewelry store and head to the hardware store instead!

16. Paper Bead Necklace

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-16Ann Martin / Via

Who knew paper could be turned into such gorgeous, luxe looking beads?!

17. Sleek Dot Lamp

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-17Mark Montano / Via

Turn a thrifted lamp into your favorite new decor piece.


18. Floral Headbands

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-18Urban Fox DIY / Via

Tap into your inner Frida Kahlo with an oversized floral headband.

19. Friendly Bookmarks

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-19Lia Griffith / Via

Say hello to your new favorite bookmarker friends!

20. No-Sew Clutch

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-20Jen//Something Turquoise / Via

A sleek clutch you can make just in time for that last minute get together.

21. Frame Makeover

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-21Mark Montano / Via

Grab those old dollar store frames and give them a fresh makeover with a cool, easy technique.

22. Simple Tote

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-22Ama Ryllis / Via

If you want to learn how to sew, the best place to test your skills is with a simple, sturdy tote.

23. Beeswax Candles

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-23Jen//Something Turquoise / Via

Sheets of beeswax rolled into cute little votive candles. Couldn’t be easier!

24. Gem Cork Boards

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-24Sarah / Via

Cork boards so cute you won’t want to pin anything on them!

25. Plant Hangers

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-25Lia Griffith / Via

A set of copper air plant hangers are chic, minimal and timeless.

26. Balloon Birthday Cards

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-26Paper Crave / Via

Make your friends cool birthday cards they won’t forget!

27. Sunglasses Case

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-27Erin//Sewbon / Via

Protect your favorite shades with a quick and easy case project.

28. Statement Necklace

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-28DIY Mode / Via


Equal parts colorful and tough.

29. Paper Towel Holder

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-29Tan//Squirrelly Minds / Via

Cool, minimalist and just the accessory your kitchen has been waiting for.

30. Pom Table Runner

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-30Haeley Giambalvo / Via

A fresh, bohemian addition to your table decor. And it’s a lot easier than you think!

31. Cloud Coasters

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-31See Kate Sew / Via

Puffy little cloud coasters that are as adorable as they are functional.

32. Gem Pushpins

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-32Mandy Pellegrin / Via

Plaster + gem molds = a super glam addition to your fridge or cork boards.

33. Sporty Tee

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-33Mckenzie / Via

Turn a plain white tee into your new favorite piece.

34. Flats Upgrade

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-34Curly Made / Via

Update those flats in no time…;uh, flat!

35. Origami Card Holder

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-35Emily Hagedorn / Via

Impress ‘em at your next interview when you tell them you made your business card case.

36. Hand Stitched Card

AD-Totally-Easy-DIY-Projects-To-Try-36Pumora / Via

What better way to say “Thanks!” than with a pretty hand stitched card?

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