5 Simple DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

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I finally was able to shake off the Ba Humbugs. Only a week till Christmas but they are finally gone and the house is actually looking festive. The tree and nativity are up, there is a wreath over the front door, and I have a festive table cloth and poinsettia in the dining room. (No lights this year. There is too much snow on the roof already.) Even with my meager decorating making the holiday bright, there is room for more. Maybe a few DIYs? Why not!

The string Christmas trees would make a lovely centerpiece. Especially, if there were a few different sized ones. I like the doily bowls too. They would be nice for candy dishes. Know which decoration I wont be making? The glitter pine cones. No glitter! And just in case you needed more decorating inspiration, Real Simple has 12 easy and elegant ideas that will really help to class up your decorating game this year.