We dont cover enough DIYs for the elusive female engineers. So, here is one for the ladies with yellow helmets! People build all kinds of crazy things with popsicles. They make models of buildings, aeroplanes and places. But all of that takes some exceptional piece of skill, hard work and patience to work. We cant possibly do that, so here we are going to present you with a simple DIY using a popsicle. You can make these cool bangles out of it.

They are brittle and clumsy to use, so the first thing we have to do is to get rid of this unfavorable behavior. Put them in a container of boiling water for an hour. It will make them soft and reasonably springy.

DIY bangles popsicles7

Now put them on the inside of cups or aerosol sprays or any similar kind of curved surface with protection.

DIY bangles popsicles6

Now put them in the sun for a full day or till they get hard again. It will result in them retaining their altered shape. The bangle shape is visible now.

DIY bangles popsicles5

Now its up to your creative instincts to decorate them as best as you can. Use double sided tape if you can.

DIY bangles popsicles4

Add a layer of Mot Podge to seal the whole thing.

DIY bangles popsicles3

Here is the finished product. You can try any type of designing you like. Do try spray painting and other patterned imprints. It is a cool DIY and could be converted into a funfair business at short notice too!

DIY bangles popsicles