Crafty DIY Glitter Bowl Tutorial

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Glitter Bowl

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten. Thats why this DIY glitter bowl from Jumble Joy is just awesome. It easy and so festive. You will need 2 cups of glitter, 1 cup of mod podge, a balloon, a bowl, a paintbrush, a stir stick of some kind, and something to set your blown up balloon on.

Thickly brush on the glitter over the bottom half of the inflated balloon (that will end up being your bowl). Let it sit and dry for 24 hours and then pop the balloon and carefully peel it out. Thats it. You now have a bowl made completely out of glitter. Personally, Id cut the sides down to make it symmetrical. Just in case you werent sure, its only decorative. No cereal! Im thinking it would be the perfect place to display Christmas candy. Dont be afraid to sparkle a little brighter my DIYers! When in doubt just add glitter.

There are so many bowls and crafts that can be made using balloons and the process for each is very similar. You can make chocolate bowls, button bowls, yarn bowls/balls, and more. Check out this sparkly roundup from Buzzfeed while youre at it. It has 43 sparkly DIYs that will make your day. Have fun.

Heres the video… Enjoy!