DIY Fog Maker Tutorial

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Fog Maker

Halloween is just a mere month away. Where has the year gone?! Oh well, at least its been a great one! Its time to start getting ready. That means candy and decorations! Ill never win the neighborhood contest but I do like to put a few things out on the porch. Maybe this year I will add a fog machine in with my decor.

This video from Kipkay shows how you can make your own mighty mini fog maker in just minutes and for on a budget. This is perfect for DIYers everywhere and at every skill level! You need a coffee can, hose, fan, and dry ice. There are some other supplies but those are the main ones. Easy. Have fun this Halloween and be safe! HGTV has gathered together 55 decorating ideas that are spook-tacular! Theyll go perfectly with your new fog machine. Lol. See them all here.

Heres the video… Enjoy!