JoeCMorgan got to work with his friends and made himself an entirely portable sauna that he could drag along everywhere he wanted to go on road trips to the beach itself.

Here is how he made it:

He had a Vauxhall Comb trailer to start. He had modified it as a towable cabin before and he thought it would be nice to have a sauna inside it.

portable sauna17

Isnt much to look at, is it?

First things first! It was given a good cleaning job.

portable sauna18

A portion of the body was removed from the front for installing the heating chimney because smoke plus steam isnt a good idea.

portable sauna16

An exhaust system was attached to let out the fumes into the air.

portable sauna15

Now wood panels were cut for the redoing the walls.

portable sauna14

Now this is a classic sauna look.

portable sauna13

It was also heavily insulated to keep the heat in.

portable sauna12

Since it was being towed, there was no need for a fuel pump. A shower pump replaced it for good measure.

portable sauna11

Thats what you need after a heavy session of sauna bathing.

portable sauna9

The water tank was attached at the bottom of the van. You can attach it somewhere else too.

portable sauna10

The showerhead could be appended to the outside of the van. The piping runs along the inside of the van but doesnt get problematic.

Now he can lay the laminated flooring.

8portable sauna4

He also installed a speaker system to jam out in his sauna.

portable sauna7

Seating as expected was built over the wheel wells.

portable sauna6

They also included space for logs to be fed into the combustion chamber.

portable sauna5

Now the installed a vintage wood-based Husqvarna stove inside the van. It was cleaned and painted before it was to be installed.

portable sauna4

Here is the stove attached to the exhaust system in the middle of the cabin.

portable sauna3

portable sauna2portable sauna

And our portable sauna is complete! Now you can relax anywhere you want. The cabin can be towed along difficult tracks as well so it will be a unique luxury that only a few people can have.