How To Make A Swedish Log Candle

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Wow! This is pretty great. Im so doing this someday! This is the best campfire/camp stove/fire pit that Ive ever seen. Ever! A Swedish log candle is a log that has had an eight pointed star cut down into it. When an acceleract is poured into the crevasses and lit, it becomes the most perfect outdoor heat source.

To make one you will need a chainsaw and a log. Its like cutting a cake and we ALL know how to do that! (Yum. Cake.) Be sure that your log has a flat bottom or good luck with getting straight cuts and your chainsaw staying in one place. Getting the star cuts just right might take a little practice but I think it would be worth it. Can you imagine the stable cooking surface? My dutch oven can! Its already dreaming of delicious camping recipes. And never has there been a more perfect smore stump (once it dies down a bit.) One log can burn for 45-60 minutes and is more controlled than a traditional campfire. I suggest making some in advance before heading to the great outdoors. Its so cool. Id never give up campfires but this would be fun to have in addition.

Because its important to know…Mens Health has broken down how to build the perfect campfire. Ive checked it out and it looks pretty legit. Lol. Get the full tutorial here.

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