How To Make Golf Ball Ladybugs

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Lady Bugs

Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home… No! dont do that. Fly your cute little butts down to my garden. This cute ladybug craft is the best way golf balls can be repurposed. I never knew they could be used to decorate! Did you? Check out this DIY!

You will need some golf balls (those are always super easy to find), some sandpaper, some paint, and a brush or two. What could be simpler?! Use the sandpaper and get the gloss off the golf balls. After that its time to prime and paint. (Getting rid of the gloss will make sure the paint will stick.) After that its time to paint the face, wings, eyes, and little spots. How cute! Hooray. Check out all of these other ladybug crafts on Pinterest. They are adorable! The hand warmers are super practical and adorable and the footprints are beyond precious. I love them. All of them really.

Heres the link to the full tutorial…

Artdrops: Happy Ladybugs

Artdrops: Happy Ladybugs