How To Score and Stain Concrete So It Looks Like Wood

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how to score and stain concrete to look like wood

Our back patio is a giant slab of gray concrete and I would totally love to dress it up. Ive thought of doing tile but that just seems like so much work. And to hire someone would probably be a pretty penny too when you add in the cost of tile whether its slate or something cheaper it could still add up pretty quick.

I stumbled on the idea of staining the concrete (eHow) and thought that would be perfect. Then the more I dug, I saw the idea for doing a stain and scoring that would make it look like wood! This would be perfect if I could pull it off. Will have to do more research… Update: It looks like the photo above is actually a stamped concrete which I have found out you can do on top of an existing slab if you prep it just right. Heres some info on how to do that. And heres a great article that got me thinking about this whole idea that I think youll enjoy too.

Heres the link to help get your wheels turning…

Spring Fever (Concrete Staining)

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