How To Stretch Your Shoes Using Ice

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Ahhh! I could have used this hack a few weeks ago. I just gave away the cutest pair of pumps. So adorable. Thanks Steve Madden for being a brilliant designer and thanks Ross for having a wonderful sale. However, you are horrible for not having them in my size. I bought the the shoes even though they were a size too small. I wish Id known about this hack and tried to stretch them with ice before I passed on my find to my sister!

For this DIY you will need two plastic sandwich bags, water, a freezer (that has some room for shoes; not next to the ice cream!), some time, and of course some shoes that are too snug. This method should stretch your shoes anywhere from half to a full size. Hooray! As a girl, its important to have an arsenal of clothing hacks. Listotic has a bunch to get you started.

Heres the video… Enjoy!