Nail Art Worth Reading About

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Right now my nails are painted a pretty shade of coral called Camera. Not sure how they came up with the name but its bright and fun. I cant do much besides paint my nails; they arent long enough. I put fun tape lines on them but that is my world until they get longer. I really want to try these DIY newspaper nails. I dont think this would look good with only a word or two so thats why I need to grow mine out! As soon as the are long Im all over this.

Grab some basic polish (base/top coat and grey), rubbing alcohol (vodka can be subbed in a pinch), and newspaper. The black and white looks classy but Sunday comics would be fun and colorful. Your friends will think you had these done by a pro and you kinda did. You will be a pro after this tutorial!

If youre worried about backwards letters, I guess you could use a laser jet printer to write some thing to be readable on your manicure.The main thing, as with most nail art, is to be sure your nails are completely dry before moving from one step to the next. Trust me and save yourself a lot of heartache.

Lately there is a lot of bad news in the newspaper. It will be fun get something nice out of for a change. Here are some other fun things you can do with your old papers. Crafting A Green World has a fabulous roundup. Find it here.

Heres the newsworthy video… Enjoy!