This Black Powder Will Actually Help Whiten Your Teeth

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White Teeth

Ive led a sweet life. Sweet as in too much sugar! My teeth have had a hard life. I should eat some more veggies (according to my dentist)! All that delicious, but less than healthy food, has left my pearly whites a little less than white. They need some help! This video from Mama Natural has the next thing in whitening products.

This is the most random way to whiten teeth. I can honestly say that Ive never seen this DIY method before! I am a big fan of whitening strips but I might be willing to give this organic method a try. So whats the secret to a brighter and whiter smile? Activated charcoal.

Life is short, you need to smile while you still have teeth; sparkling white teeth. A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear and according to Martin Charnin, Youre never fully dressed without a smile.

Heres the video… Enjoy!