This Old T-Shirt Gets An Amazing New Lease On Life. Impressive!

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An old tee shirt. Worthless, right? Wrong! With a cute old tee and some scissors you can create and adorable bag. Adorable with a capital A. Fabulous with a capital F.This is DIY is a no-sew and as simple as they come. Love it!

When you clean out your closet this spring be sure to save a few shirts for yourself for crafts and projects like this one. I suggest donating the ones you dont need. How the heck do we end up with so many anyways? I think its one of lifes unanswerable questions. You can easily make this bag in just minutes! I love repurposing and I love things that I can make quickly!

Speaking of t-shirt bags…this board from Pinterest gives me the warm fuzzies. There are so many options and designs! I never knew you could have so much fun with an old shirt. (P.s. not all of them of are no-sew but all of them are awesome!) Which is your fave?

Heres the link to the after and the full tutorial…

Little Things: Old T-Shirt Transformed (after photos)

Little Things: Old T-Shirt Transformed (after photos)