This Ordinary Home Has A Surprising Secret Inside

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Greg Krueger of St. James, Minnesota has created a cat paradise for his 4 cats inside of his home. Over the past 15 years he has been adding stairs, cubbies (with lighting), and walkways for his furry friends. It is awesome! He has created over 100 yards of cat walks. I think the spiral staircases are the best. I bet his pets are in feline heaven.

I would never do this! It puts my cats scratching tower to shame but he has has quite the mean streak and the last thing I want is for him to jump on someones head. Can you imagine? They would never come back! And I would have to wear a hat all the time. Gregs cats all look loving and sweet though. Im sure they would never do that.

At 49 he was late diagnosed with aspergers and he feels that working on his home has helped him focus in amazing ways. I think he has an terrific hobby and I cant wait to see what his house looks like years down the road!

If you cant redesign your house to accommodate your cat then Canadian Living has a fun DIY kitty tunnel that might work for you!

Heres the video…Enjoy!