This T-Shirt Gets Cut In Half. The End Result Will Leave You In Awe!

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Do you have an old Tee lying around? dumb question. Of course, we all do! I have quite the collection from fundraisers, vacations, and bad holiday gifts. Here is a great way to upcycle them. Ive cut mine up and made some cute clothes before but never anything like this scarf/necklace! So fun and easy. It has fast moved to the top of my ways to repurpose T-Shirts list! I bet it will yours too.

Its perfect that you dont have to sew to make this. This scarf would an amazing starter DIY if youre just beginning or for a smaller kiddo. I like the idea of braiding all different colors together and not just two. My mom would be all about turquoise but disown me if I gave her anything pink. Mothers do have a style all their own. If this isnt for yours, this Moms Day gift guide will help get you on the right track this year. The Huffington Post has the best roundup ever! Check it out here.

Heres the video… Enjoy!