Time To Clean Up On Your Finger Knitting Skills

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So excited to share this fun and simple DIY tutorial from Fiber Flux. Its all about finger knitting. Do you remember that from when you were a kid? So simple and so fun. Well, its back and here is a way to put those long lost skills to use! I think is going to be awesome!

With some simple supplies and your own two hands you make socks, scarfs, sweaters and whatever else you can dream up! Get your favorite colored yarn and scissors and get going. This is a great instructional video and Im so glad to have stumbled across it.

Im thinking some of these would make nice stocking stuffers. And just in case Christmas panic hasnt set it, its only 7 weeks away. Eeek! How did that happen?! Get your DIY Christmas on early this year and start planning for your Elf On The Shelf antics.

Heres the video… Enjoy!